Getting started with Vuforia

I went through Getting started with Unity Extensions for Vuforia, but i couldnt find much more details like where the events get trigerred.

For simple, in Image Target i want to rotate the image placed at the top for 5 seconds once the user identified it but couldn’t do that as am struggling very hard to capture the exact point when the image becomes visible once when the image pattern matches in Camera.

Am new to Vuforia, So any help is very much Appreciated.

Any links to dig deep will be of great help.

Thanks in advance.

select the ‘Image Target’ gameObject in the scene and you will see couple of scripts attached to it. One of them will be “DefaultTrackableEventHandler”. Open that and goto OnTrackingFound() method. This is where it activates all the renderers of the ImageTargets children. You can Do your rotation bit here, I mean you call another method which does the job from here.