Getting text from a website file and storing it in a variable

function openUpdateWebsite ()
    // Replace this url with wherever the user can download the update.
    var updatedl_url ="!-!GDKEGD/downloadlink.txt";
    updatedl_post = WWW(updatedl_url);
    yield updatedl_post; // Wait until the download is done
        print("There was an error loading the update URL: " + updatedl_post.error);
        var updateWebbie : String;
        updateWebbie = char.Parse(;


Well im clearly doing something wrong here but string.Parse doesnt exist so how to get the text from a text file in a website and then add it to the updateWebbie variable?

You don't need to parse it - it's already a string:

updateWebbie =;

Edit (for future reference):

Usually to get a variable as a string, you'd just use variable.ToString(); though it's not needed here