getting the content of a text.doc? (dropbox)

Hey gang, So I made this script in a attempt to see if I can get the content of a text file to see if a user has the current version (hosted on dropbox) though I’m getting a hole bunch of code in my Debug and not just the “1.1” inside the doc? It downloads and stuff but i get a Giant string rather then getting the 1.1, my idea was to check if its the version is not the same thats in the text-doc to prompt the player to a download page for the new version.

using UnityEngine;
using UnityEngine.UI;

public class UpdateGame : MonoBehaviour {

	public GameObject PleaseUpdate;
	public bool NoUpdateNeed;

	IEnumerator Start(){
		WWW Update = new WWW ("");
		yield return Update;
		string update = Update.text;
		Debug.Log( ""+ update );

		if (update == "1.1") {
			NoUpdateNeed = true;
		} else {
			NoUpdateNeed = false;


	public void UpdateGameButton(){
		Application.OpenURL (""); //Download URL for new Version

Uhm, don’t use a “doc” file. A doc file has massive amount of metadata and formatting information included. Use a simple raw format like a txt file. Though in most cases it’s more common to use something like json, however if you just want to specify a version string using a text file should work.

Be aware that comparing the string directly might not work if you have a new line or space after your number


I just realised that you used the “download link”. You have to either set “?dl=1” at the end or replace it with “?raw=1”