Getting Timline animation Clip offset in script

Hi everybody.

I’m writing my own Playable type for unity timeline, but I am stuck in the middle of way.
I’m trying to access to offsets of a specific clip in unity’s default Animation Track, for example the first clip.

I can reach to the Animation Track and even it’s Position (offset),and even it’s clips but I can’t get to the Animation Playable Asset Properties like clip offset. Please help me.
this is what I have tried:

using System.Linq;
using UnityEngine;
using UnityEngine.Playables;
using UnityEngine.Timeline;
// this is an simple version of what I'm looking for, I only write this in a simple script to show my Problem
public class MagnetiveClip_Main : MonoBehaviour
    public PlayableDirector timeline;
    void Start()
        PlayableAsset playableAsset= timeline.playableAsset;
        var outputs=playableAsset.outputs.ToArray();
        // Although I know that it is always not going to be the first track but here for simplicity we use the first track
        AnimationTrack animationTrack=outputs[0].sourceObject as AnimationTrack;
        Vector3 iDontWantTheTrackOffset=animationTrack.position;

        var clips=animationTrack.GetClips().ToArray();
        //clips[0].positon     - this doesn't exist
        //even i cant cast
        //AnimationClip animationClip=clips[0] as AnimationClip;    - this doesn't work
        //AnimationPlayableAsset animationPlayableAsset=clips[0] as AnimationPlayableAsset;  - this doesn't work  

Thanks in advance.

clips[0].asset as AnimationPlayableAsset; is what you want. TimelineClip contains a reference to the specific asset type for that clip, in this case it’s AnimationPlayableAsset, which has fields for the offsets that you are trying to access.