Getting Transparency on a .PNG Texture on a 'Plane' Object to Work Properly


I really tried to make this work before posting here but after many, many attempts I have no idea what I’m doing wrong.

So I created an Empty 3D Object, imported this .PNG image as the texture asset and tried every transparency option available (ie Legacy Shaders > Transparent > Diffuse) and I can never get the white background to be transparent. I was following this video and another one step by step but nothing.

Now if I select my bullet_hole texture and adjust the properties directly and check ’ Alpha from Grayscale’ The black/grey center goes transparent but the white outline remains, so kind of opposite of what I’m going for :P. If I can somehow swap what it thinks the Alpha is I’ll do that.

Also I created a simple .PNG from scratch (mspaint, white square with black circle in center) and same issue, so I don’t think its the original image I used that is causing the issue. I’m sorry to bug you this simple situation but every procedure I look up/research just works for everyone but myself. Please let me know what additional info you may need to help out. Thanks!

Your problem is that you keep on creating textures with an opaque white background. If you want transparent textures, you not only need a transparent shader, but also you need to have transparency in the source image (MSpaint really is not suitable for this - you need a proper image editing program like GIMP, or even would do).