Getting your server to actually run on the web

I’ve been testing my server and client by connecting to for most of the development period, but have got to the point where I need to be connecting over the net in order for a few things to work (Mainly because my authentication sessions are authenticated on one IP address, meaning will always return a false to allowing connections).

Anyway, I’ve set up all the basic stuff (Port-forwarding, firewall exceptions) but still seem to be getting no connection.

Is there anything I’m missing? Everything’s working on LAN, just not on WAN/Net


If you want to test against a server running on the same machine as the client I have a few suggestions. This will not get you on the net but will allow testing.

1 Use VMWare workstation. You can install a new OS in VM and it will get a different ip in your subnet on your lan that will also work fine with wireless.

2 Have you tried XAMP or WAMP to host a webserver on your own workstation?

I would add a new OS to a virtual machine and run the client in it. On your host machine have the server running. The new VM will get an IP on your LAN that is within your subnet, like 192.168.0.x and you will not have 127 loopback issues. You can download a trial of VMWare workstaion or use VMWare player for free. Workstaion is more powerful.