Gfx.WaitfForPresent only noticeable on Android

I’m making an app for Google Cardboard. I downloaded the SDK and started working on the project. There is a problem though. I have an (almost) empty scene with the SDK prefab, a directional light, and a canvas (FPS counter). When running in editor, nothing seems off. There is steady fps and no weird peaks in the profiler. But when I connect (adb) my android device and run the profiler. I have a constant super high usage in Gfx.WaitfForPresent. The fps drops to about 40 (instead of the desired 60).

I have checked on Vsync, but it was already turned off. I tried every frame, and every second frame. No result. So I tried ‘Application.targetFrameRate = x’. Tried it with multiple framerates, but I couldn’t even lower the framerate. What is wrong here. It’s an empty scene, it should run at more than 60 fps right?

Found out what the issue was. Somehow the Carboard.cs script from google caused this issue. I’m running at steady 60 fps now. Will elaborate if I find more specific info.