GFX.WaitForPresent takes the most time?


In the profiler the GFX.WaitForPresent seems to be pretty much the only thing to take a lot of time. But also it seems to vary a lot… One frame it says about 50ms for GFX.WaitForPresent and the next it drops to like 4ms even though in the game nothing actually changes.

I read up on it a little and most of the time the answer seems to be VSync. Since I have VSync disabled I just want to confirm: Does this mean my scene is too heavy for my GPU so it just naturally takes a long time to render the next frame? But why does it vary this much if that is the case?

edit: also if Vsync is enabled it seems to be gone, but I actually would like to keep it disabled…

*actually it does still happen with VSync enabled but only about every 10 frames. So there it is alway 0ms but then there are spikes where it goes up to more than 10 ms…

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

It is your GPU waiting for next frame. So no, your game is not GPU bound.
And yes, it is couse of VSync, basically making your GPU wait with rendering.