GfxDriver memory issue on PC [SOLVED]

Edit: Upgrading project to version 2020.1b10 solves the problem

I’m making a game that needs a day/night cycle and i created a script that just slowly turns the directional light by 0.5 degrees every couple of frames. I noticed that after a few minutes the game freezes for a few seconds or just crashes. Looking at the memory profiler I noticed that GfxDriver was constantly taking more and more memory and only stopped when i paused the game or disabled the rotation of the directional light. Below that, it says that every time the light moves, a new texture is created. Are those shadowmasks or something? Is there anyhing that can delete those old textures to free up memory? Resources.UnloadUnusedAssets(); doesn’t help and neither does System.GC.Collect(); (found those two in the anwers from simmilar questions)

Info about the project(idk what here is useful, im still learning stuff):

Unity version 2019.3.5f1

HDRP 7.1.8

All lighting is set to realtime


Problem is solved by upgrading to Unity version 2020.1b10 (or later). The bug in question was specified here