Ghosting/flickering problem with Vive

I’ve recently started experimenting with the Vive in Unity (also new to Unity).
I’m getting this weird ghost image, as if two images were blended together with one trailing the other slightly. Here’s what it would look like:

I’m saying would because I haven’t managed to take a screenshot of it. Not in Unity, not even in the SteamVR display mirror. The effect is visible on both eyes, only in the headset. It’s not related to individual objects but the entire image.

I doubt it’s a Vive problem - the SteamVR overlay doesn’t have the same effect even when I activate it while looking at my Unity scene. I started some other games and they looked fine (including Job Simulator, which I think was made with Unity).


  • Use Unity 5.4.0f3
  • Import the SteamVR plugin assets
  • Create a little test scene and instantiate the camera rig
  • Remove the default camera
  • Start

I tried using the “The Lab Renderer”, same problem. I think it might be some double-buffering issue but I have no idea how to debug that in Unity.

Edit: The effect only seems to happen when I play the scene from the editor. If I build the project and run it separately, everything is fine.

Okay, I think finally found the reason: extra “Game” view.

I initially had another camera in the scene, which I used for a static view. I had the camera and the view both set to “Display 2”. When debugging the problem I of course removed the camera, but didn’t bother to close the “Game” tab with the “Display 2 No Cameras rendering” text.

If I close the tab, the flickering disappears.

I think this is a bug because I pretty much excluded performance issues in several different ways. Not sure where to submit it though because I have no idea if it’s a Unity problem or a SteamVR plugin problem.

Hello, I am having this same issue except that I don’t know how to solve, I do need an additional camera rendering to display 2 that will be used in the player’s secondary monitor for a spectator mode, however I am having problems getting rid of the flickering