Ghosting objects

Hi everyone,

This is a bit of an abstract question, but I can’t figure out how to solve it.

I want to have objects in my scenes that are active (receive messages, updates, etc) and that interact with one another, but that aren’t visible and don’t interact with normal objects.

Say I’m building a game that simulates several environments at any one given time, and I only want one of those environments to be visible at a time. Each environment has a range of objects that are still being updated and interacting with one-another, but operate as though they’re in the background, not being rendered and not interacting with objects from other environments.

As far as I’m aware; layers can’t be used to achieve this as they’re solely for rendering purposes, and tags can’t either.

Any advice on how to implement this kind of behavior would be appreciated.

Regards, Mav.

Are you talking about physics? Because Unitys physics engine is absolutely layer based:

As for making things invisible but still active you can simply disable the renderer component on each object.