GIS data with the Unity3d

I have a GIS data with the type “crs” naming convention and features.
I am developing an app with this data and plot the geometry as given in the gis features.
Please help me or provide the steps where can i found the perfect documentation to implement this thing.

“crs” stands for coordinate reference system. It is not a naming convention, but a description of what the coordinate values represent - metres? feet? degrees of latitude and longitude? based around what origin?
For projected coordinate systems, you can treat the coordinate values as simple planar x/y values and create the features into Unity as they are: one Unity “unit” will be equal to whatever the unit of measurement defined in the CRS is.
For geocentric or geographic (i.e. spherical) coordinate systems, you’ll need to use a bit or trigonometry to first project them onto a plane and then create mesh instances based on the projected coordinate values.