Git and Unity: best way to synchronize assets?


We are using GitHub to host our coding assets for a Unity game. It works great. However, Git isn’t really for assets such as 3D models, audio, textures, etc.

How should we go about synchronizing those files? Say, an artist want to make a 3D model and puts it into the game. Maybe he adds some additional stuff like audio and particle effects and store it as a prefab.

Is there any clever way to synchronize this, other than him saving the asset on e.g. Dropbox, and then everybody else has to manually import the model/prefab? And what if he decides to make a quick change to something (which isn’t a prefab); how do we synchronize that?

We don’t want to use Unity Asset Server.

Thanks in advance.

If you’re worried about sync’ing binary assets (things that can’t be merged easily), you might want to check out Edit → Project Settings → Editor settings. Set version control to visible meta files and asset serialization to force text. That way, you’ll at least be able to merge prefabs where components have been added/deleted/modified.

For audio files and such (that are content and not prefabs), I’d think you want to just “get the latest” – whatever it is. you don’t care about the changes/conflicts for them.