Give Clone Rotation from collided Object

I have two “kinds” of Objects: “Atom” and “Photon”
if a Photon collides with an Atom, The Photon destroys itself, the Atom waits a view moments, and the instantiates an Photon-Clone.

So how can i tell the fresh cloned Photon it should have the same rotation as the Photon that
collidied with the Atom at the beginning?

I tried some tricks but no use…

clone = Instantiate(Photon, transform.position, collision.gameObject.transform.rotation);

doesnt work.

Storing the rotation of the Photon right at the beginning into a Vareable and
apply it later…
doesnt work.

Hope the Question is sensefull. Thanks for your Attention =).

Without more code to provide context for what you are doing, would (C#)

void OnCollisionEnter(Collision collisionInfo)
    Quaternion rot = collisionInfo.transform.rotation;
    clone = Instantiate(Photon, transform.position, rot);

be what you’re trying to do?