give gifts to individual player ?

i remember many years ago, i made an inapp purchase in a game, but didnt get the skin, so i emailed the dev and they gave me 3 skins iinstead.

i want to accomplish something like that.

1 - identify each player

2 - send gifts to any player i want

roughly explain how can i do that ?

Hi @nanavatidhruvik , I don’t know if you’re still looking for answer or not but for the sake of curiosity I’ll answer what I believe is a good approach and I hope it will help someone out there:

So First of all we need an unique ID Number or username for making sure that there is only one player with that username or ID (Whatever you’d prefer). anyway, after that you can go for sending which you can use Multiplayer plugins Like Photon for sending data and receiving it (which also handles the unique ID player by default I believe) or you can learn some basic backend programming to handle send and receive yourself. of course I recommend you outsource it to a friend or anyone that will do such a task, and I’ve to mention that if you want to do IAP (In App Purchase) too, you should put that first but it’s worth to mention that it’s not good structure to buy a gift and send it to a friend. it’s best to make currency like coin or Dimond to buy by player and then send whatever the currency is as a gift to other players.
make sure that all of these process is working before shipment that any mistake can be a disaster specially if your game is resource based Lock-Opener by currency. just make sure it’s not being manipulated in any shape or form. good luck, cheers :slight_smile: