Give GUI.Label A Particular Font? - Simple


I have a simple GUI.Label in my script - and instead of using the default font, is it possible to assign ONLY this label a font I imported?

Here is my code:

GUI.Label (Rect (60, 20, 100, 20), ""+Controller.KillZoneMax);


hi there, this is how I would do it:

var MyFont : Font;

    function OnGUI () { = MyFont;
    GUI.Label (Rect (60, 20, 100, 20), ""+Controller.KillZoneMax);

set up a variable MyFont as class type Font and in the inspector drag your imported font.

then inside your OnGUI function change the font to your chosen one.

I should warn you that if you have other labels written after you have stated the font change they will all use this font so move this one and any others you want not to have the default font to the bottom of the function.

hope this helps


i need help i have a mod for a game mysummercar here is the codeing that im trying to change the font how do i do that i do have assets turned on in visual studio but dont know how to do the rest please help

        GUIStyle myButtonStyle = new GUIStyle(;
        myButtonStyle.fontSize = 40;
        Font myFont = (Font)Resources.Load("Fonts/comic", typeof(Font));
        myButtonStyle.font = myFont;

        bool flag20 = GUI.Button(new Rect(Screen.width - 170, 880, 145, 60), "OPEN", myButtonStyle);