Give Particle System on Arrayed GameObject

Hi everyone, I just want to ask on how can I give an Arrayed GameObject with a Particle System… For Example:

Public GameObject[] Object;

And inside the Array are objects in different prefabs, I know that I can give those prefabs a particle system each one of them but, it is too many… So I want to give a particle system to all of those prefabs inside the array… How Can I do that?.. Please Help me, If you are going to give a code please be in C# but its ok if it is javascript… Thanks for the help

At the top of the file:

GameObject prefabPS;

In the inspector drag and drop your particle system game object on prefabPS while the game object that has this script is selected in the Hierarchy. Then execute (in Start()):

foreach (GameObject go in Object) {
     GameObject g = Instantiate(prefabPS, go.transform.position, Quaternion.identity);
     g.transform.parent = go.transform;

This code attaches a game object with a particle system to each game object in the Object array as a child. Note it would be best of prefabPS was a true Prefab.