Give the player weight

Hello everyone.

I’m using the 3rd person shooter of unity. But the player has no weight. if i’m on a roof and i want to jump down on the ground (or let him fall on the ground). The player don’t fall normally. Maybe it needs weight? :S
Someone can help me how to fix that?

Sorry for my bad English. I’m from holland.

Hope someone can help me :smiley:

The PlayerController component does not use the physics engine in Unity- you will need to hard-code it yourself with something like

if(not grounded)
Move Downwards

The lack of physics (as well as other limitations) is why I always prefer to use rigidbodies for my characters where this kind of thing is important.

For starters, anyway, try adding a rigidbody component to your character. By default, there is gravity, and rigidbodies must always have positive, non-zero mass, so your character should be falling straight away.

weight does not affect the fall speed. only the forces that are applied to the object

As far as I know, this will work on any game object it is attached to. It adds a constant downward force on the world z axis. You could use this on multiple objects to give different gravity for each. This would be good if you were in space, on a metal platform w/ magnetic boots :slight_smile: That way, you would stay grounded, and other object w/ lesser gravity would float around. Hope this helps a bit :slight_smile:

var player_gravity : float;

function Start()
constantForce.force = new Vector3 (0, 0, -player_gravity);