Gizmo in Game View

Something that has long puzzled me is how to turn on the 3D gnomon for transforms in the Game View (in the editor). I want to move, rotate, and scale objects looking through the camera. Is this possible? I have the Gizmos toggled ON in the Game View and all the boxes checked in the drop-down menu, but no transform gizmos appear. Am I missing something super basic?

In the game view, simply click the “gizmos” button in the top right and you’ll be able to see gizmos in the game view.

alt text

I doubt it’s natively possible. You’ll have to script that yourself. A combination of GUI, GL instructios and 3D object using a shader without depth test, that should do it.

I have a script that when combined with a box collider component on an entity will give you the exact functionality of a unity transform gizmo in game mode. You can instantiate this object when needed and delete when not. It also supports rotation (this is the only thing different that the scene gizmo, you rotate around an axis in mine, i found rendering circles to be a waste). Let me know if you want me to post it - R

Old thread but we created a product for the problem, you can find it here:

it uses Unity GL renders. It costs $14 but if you really don’t have the money tell us your situation and we can work something out. The only reason for the price is that I am a student trying to make money for college.