Gizmo not visible in Game view, but visible in Scene (Monobehaviour checked in both)

The monobehaviour outputting that red wire cube gizmo is "World".

Scene view:
- World monobehaviour is checked.
- if I uncheck it, the red wire cube disappears

Game view:
- World monobehaviour is checked
- can't see the red wire cube!
- can see other gizmos, so gizmos are for sure "ON".

Bug, or am I doing something wrong?


Do you guys think it's an issue with what I'm doing or Unity? have you had any issues with gizmos in your own monobehaviours?

Do you think I should post in a different subforum to get help? This one seems like it's kinda dead.

It is my understanding that gizmos are not renderable in GameView. I might be missing something in this scenario.

You sure? That's a screenshot from the game view:


There's a gizmos menu specifically for this view and it renders icons.

But you could still be right and DrawWireCube is not available in the game view?
I'd love to have confirmation, but I'll try to go check the documentation. I was sure that in the past I had used gizmos in the game view but maybe i'm misremembering.

I think there's for sure something wrong because I also tried Debug.DrawLine ( and it's still not showing up in the game view, but it is in the scene view.

I’ve tested this, and if it’s a pristine camera, Debug.DrawLine will still show up in the Game view.
But if you add something else, such as Cinemachine or Pixel Perfect Camera, Debug DrawLine is no longer displayed in the Game view, and there are many other situations that may affect it, but I did not test it

Weird, I didnt think Cinemachine affected the actual rendering, but good to know, thanks!