Gizmos.DrawIcon, allowScaling = true, icons disappearing.

I want to use Gizmos.DrawIcon with scaling. My problem is that an icon scaling is weird. Editor camera is not to far from an icon but the icon is not visible.

I would like to find a point when an icon drawn by Gizmos.DrawIcon is too small to be rendered. In that case I would like to use DrawIcon to draw a small icon (different picture) without scaling.

Do you know how to detect that point? Testing a camera far plane is not useful.

I know this is a really old post but I’m now having this issue in 5.4.3f1. Did you find a solution?

I’ve tried increasing the size of the actual png (now 128x128), changing the “pixels per unit” setting and zooming in in the scene view: the icon is never bigger than a couple of pixels on screen so is utterly useless at this point.