Gladiator Arcade remake

Hello all…

This is one of my favorite old arcades that had a quite realistic for the time fighting style. I am trying to find tutorials on how to approach this endeavour. I am not good at all in programming, thus any guidance would e greatly appreciated.

I am looking for tutorials that can show me the way

  1. on how to side scroll the game,
  2. animate a 2d character like that (do i use many different drawn frames? how it works)

Thank you for the tips


To scroll to right you have 2 options, or move the camera to right, or move everything to left ( so it will seems you r moving to right.

This is very basic. You should learn about tranform.position and translate function.

For animations, you can do diferent frame images, but for sure its much better to lesrn to use animator conponent. Look for tutorials.

As you are begining, dont be afraid to spend some hours watching tutorials, trying, tutorials, try try try… :smiley:

Good luck!