Glass Cylinder Room Effect

Hi there,

I want to create the following effect.

  1. You are inside a glass cylindrical room
  2. Glass cylinder has words(text) on its inner surface
  3. if you rotate the cylinder, the various words move(size of the words change based on the perspective) appropriately.

I would like to know if this effect is possible with Unity 3d or should we get our hands dirty by getting into OpenGL...

Any comments/suggestions/help would be really appreciated...

Thanks Ashok

Yes, you can do that in Unity. The only slightly tricky part is getting the text on a cylindrical surface. A couple different ways:

1) Use 3D text, one object for each letter, and rotate as appropriate. See this Unity web game for an over has a line of text in a cylinder shape. Also the beginning has lines of text rotating around a cylinder.

2) Render the text to a texture and use that on the glass cylinder appropriately. (Unity Pro only.)