Glass Material


Im trying to do a glass material. I use Unity Pro.
I have seen this : Shader - SurfaceReflection.shader
Script- SurfaceReflection.cs to achive it, but I can´t compile them.

Is there a way to download them yet compiled.

Also I have read that is possible do something like this with Water Pro.
Wich is better?, any way, detailed guidelines will be very apreciated.


The glass available in the pro version is quite good. However a lot of shaders and premade materials are also available for free, but they might not have the same reflection and refractions as the pro glass material.

If you have something like 3ds max or maya installed, it is also fairly easy to make your own glass material and import it to Unity.

Here’s a glass material I’ve previously used. Hope it proves useful to you.

The water is somewhat another story though. The pro version of the water has cool motion, specular highlights and I think also some water refraction.
Again - theres free water materials out there that looks really nice but doesn’t necessarily have motion and other cool things.