Glass Stained Bump Disort Particle System Effect Not Seen In Orthographic Camera

I’ve created a material with the ‘FX/Glass/Stained BumpDisort’ shader and a normal map.
I then dragged the material onto a particle system. The particles can be seen when the camera is set to ‘Perspective’, but not when set to ‘Orthographic’.

I attach a picture where the problem can be seen.

alt text

There are two particle systems, the default one (white dots) and the one I created (transparent glass squares). The default one can be seen in both Perspective and Orthographic; the one I created cannot be seen in Orthograhpic.

How can this be fixed?

Ok, I just fixed it. I changed the shader, removing the Z componentes.
In line’s 82 and 84 of the shader I removed “UNITY_Z_0_FAR_FROM_CLIPSPACE(i.uvgrab.z)” and “i.uvgrab.z”, so the offest doesn’t multiply anything.