Glitched character

I have a really bad issue. I remember yesterday messing around with my scripts, then going to
the menu scene to change the look of it. (I don’t know how it’s possible, but i literally don’t remember what i was doing in the scripts ) .After I came back and started the game the character didn’t even move! (i put him like 50 blocks above the map and it didn’t even fall down)
I checked disabling every single script, but still without effect…
At first i suspected a invisible collidable block, because I was using it at some point, but not even my teleport buttons worked… And to finish it off i couldn’t even move the character in the editor while playing!
I could only change its position in the editor when I wasn’t playing, but it would only stay where it was while editing. Can someone suggest ways to fix this? I know I could create it again, but I got a lot of scripts and it would just be time consuming due to scripts, configuration like sounds or references.

I really am dumb… I just had the root motion disabled and it caused this whole error, really…