Glitches issues (huge world) 20k x 20k

hey i am using the Floating Origin script solution that would fix this glitches,

you know when you go to far from the space origin and stuffs that u have start glitch between each other. I am building a very big map and i use this in my test scene:
U-FPS the character and simple terrain from unity and i magnifying the terrain to 20000 X 20000.

then i place may say 30 buildings in a line from the one corner to the other corner and the start running. so the first building ofc i don’t see any glitches, but when i come to the we say to the twentieth building the i see glitches. and i use the FO script.

the script is placed in my character camera there it should be. and i see in my scene that the script is working , i move and when i go 100 units from the origin then i flips back to the origin and the world (terrain and the buildings) flips towards me.

I’m a bit bad at explaining, if you don’t understand me (Click Here) so can you see the video

so how to solve this glitches issue??? i thought this FO should solve this!!


2H later

I kind of find the problem.
it is the terrain that is too large. for I minimize the terrain to 2000 x 2000 and placed it in the same place where the building where I saw it glitched and no glitches were found. the problem now is that in my real scene I already have a terrain that I want to avail myself of that I have built up. I understand that I may need to be split up my terrain into several pieces. but how do I do that? and is this the solution?

Have a video of this to (Click Here)

FO = Floating Origin


i find the solution I bought this and this is good sh’t

Terrain Slicing & Dynamic Loading Kit

try this may be this can help

It CAN be the floating point precision, because at 20,000 x 20,000 you lose a lot of precision , if the terrain size was at maximum of 9999 x 9999 you would be able to move objects at millimetre precision but now you are at over that of 20000x20000 so you only have a centimetre precision, and that can maybe cause the jittering of your object ?

This explains way better read it pls :slight_smile:

I answer myself, I found this solution that works fine for me.