Glitchy Animation

My animations sort of pull the models back a bit when they go to loop. Does anyone know what’s causing this?

If your animation is raw mocap data, you should:

  1. Disable any scripts that will change the player’s position manually (On AI or NavMeshAgents, set the move speed to 0).
  2. Toggle the “Apply Root Motion” on the Animator Controller of your player.

This should apply the root animation motion directly to the transform of those players, so they should walk correctly.

[Let me know if this fixes the problem. And if it does, please accept it as an answer. Thank you!]

The character should not move in your 3d software editor. In 3DSMax you can set your biped to “in place” mode before exporting, there should be something similar in any 3d package. Another solution is to simply delete the root keys that move your character forward, the character should stay at the center of your scene through the animation.

Have you considered Mecanim?