Global Game Jam 2023

Global Game Jam is a great opportunity for developers of all experience levels to experiment, build their networks, and make something new. At Global Game Jam, we’ll be providing on-site support at certain locations or through the Unity community.

Connect with some of the best developers in the world
Join the Unity community and create games with developers from around the world.

  • Connect with fellow game jammers on the Unity Discord to find collaborators, get feedback on your games, or look for help if you’re feeling stuck.
  • Unity team members will be on location at several Global Game Jam sites, including Helsinki, Montreal (hosted in our office!), Memphis, Toronto, Seattle, Austin, Edinburgh, Vancouver, and more.

Make your game a reality in Unity
Take advantage of Unity’s resources to help you participate in Global Game Jam and build a successful submission

  • Unity Asset Store Quick Start Asset Pack: The bundle includes assets that cover key aspects of game building, including 3D models, audio, textures, effects, and more, so you can build your game faster. (Bundle available on January 30)
  • Plastic SCM: Free collaboration for small teams (up to three users, 5 GB)
  • Runner Template: The new grey boxed Runner Template provides a performant starting point that you can customize to your own needs.

Use new tech and learn new skills
Try out new ideas, explore new tech, and learn some valuable Unity skills.

  • UI Toolkit: UI Toolkit allows you to extend the Editor with custom interfaces for intuitive authoring. Get a sneak peek at the new official sample project, UI Toolkit Sample – Dragon Crashers, which showcases Unity’s UI Toolkit for runtime games as well as UI Builder workflows. Download the sample project free from the Asset Store.
  • Unity 2022.2 Tech Stream: Unity 2022.2 provides early access to innovative new features and an opportunity to influence the next Long Term Support (LTS) release.

Find support for whatever comes next
Many notable Unity games released today started out as a game jam submission. If you create something you’re proud of or if inspiration strikes during the event, Unity can help you get your game across the finish line with expedited Unity Pro support and insights and workflow improvements from Unity Gaming Services.


How many people can there be in one team?
Do i have to go to one of the locations in order to develop, or can i develop from home?