Global Game Jam (reminder)

There will probably be some more official announcements on this later but I thought I’d just remind people about the Global Game Jam happening this week. 22-28 January.

And that is also a good opportunity to let you know of some models and sample code that we have posted on Hugging Face that we have tested to work on Unity Sentis.

So you may like to try these out and tinker with the code to see what you might make of them. And of course feel free to share what you made.

One model that’s particularly interesting is called “Tiny Stories” which is a smallish LLM that creates stories based on the first couple of sentences.

We hope to put more models up there soon and hope the community also contributes models and code examples to Hugging Face.

Also, if there’s any models that you particularly want to see example code for (or if you have made example code yourself) let us know below.