global variables possible in unityiphone 1.5.1

global variables possible in unityiphone 1.5.1 I'm using the scripts example from unity site but I seem to get a "fail" when building in xcode

// The static variable in a script named 'TheScriptName.js'
static var someGlobal = 5;

// You can access it from inside the script like normal variables:
someGlobal = 1;

To access it from another script you need to use the name of the script followed by a dot and the global variable name.

TheScriptName.someGlobal = 10;

You can't access it dynamically like that on an iphone due to a lack of dynamic typing.

You would need to do this in your other script..

var someGlobal = TheScriptName.someGlobal;

function Start()
 print ("result : "+someGlobal);