Glow (Area Light) disappears when touched ?

Hey guys,

I have an important question and I would really appreciate all of the help.
We made an easy First Person Platform game in Unity and on the platform Hierarchy are a lot of
Crystals, called: Crystal0, Crystal1 etc…
and each crystal is linked/inside with (Area light, Sprakle Rising)
YOu know that kinda stuff ‘models/effects for the crystals’ that’s all made in Cinema 4D.
And it does work all fine…


alt text

Inspector Area Light:

alt text

So… the question is, when you touch one of the crystals, that the ‘Area Light’ (thats the crystal which emits glow) inside the crystal disappears. (getting off the stage)

How can I do that ? (with code would be even more appreciated)

Thanks for all the help!


If this is still an open issue, you could do the following:

Add a script to Crystal0 that calls in the light you want to disappear.

var targetLight:Light;

This declaration comes before Start(){} method (and you drag the light into the variable within the inspector).

Then you can go back to the Crystal0 script and create a collision method:

if(c.gameObject.tag == “Player”){

If you really just want to destroy the light, you can write in:
if(c.gameObject.tag == “Player”){