Glow effect disappears in distance

Hello, I am using URP and Volume bloom to achieve glow effect around lights, but that glow effect quickly disappears as camera gets further away from light emitting material. In reality I think that glow around lights especially in the dark doesn’t disappear all that much even in great distance. This bloom effect is probably takin into account the amount of emitting pixels and as the amount shrinks in distance the glow is gone. So my question is: Is there some other way to make more realistic glowing around lights? Maybe some shader graph trick? I know one solution could be lens flares but from what I saw they are only good for Sun effect.
Here is an example of glowing completely disappearing in distance:199168-close.png

Turns out that if you set material emission intensity to 10 (max) and appropriately lower volume bloom intensity, then the glow effect persists much further away and looks real even in the distance :slight_smile: