Glow Effect

Hey guys,

I’m trying to achieve a simple glow effect that I need to apply to some objects in my scene.

I already tried to add the “Bloom” script to my camera but the fps impact is huge, from 60 to 40-45fps; keep in mind that I’m working on a mobile game, otherwise it would be totally fine.

I’ve looked around but I couldn’t find a real and cheap solution.

Thanks for your help!

Have you tried giving the object an emissive material?
When giving the object an emissive material and setting it to static it will make a nice glow effect.

This goes over it in great detail: Emissive Materials in Unity - YouTube

Thanks everyone for the answers, in the end I implemented some of your suggestions, some objects have an halo component attached, other simply have an emissive material and in some cases I’m using a simple png gradient around the object.

The result is not bad at all, very similar to the bloom script but with 20 more fps!

This video might help