Glow shader flickering when moving character horizontally

So I have a glowing shader bloom on my character’s eyes and because the eyes are simply white, I didn’t bother making an emission sheet so I simply duplicated my eyes asset and made it an emission and then did all the necessary steps like making the material and Shader unit and everything and I got the glow working, but now whenever I move left or right, the glow turns on and off, flickering basically, only when moving left or right. It’s definitely noticeable and for some reason, doesn’t happen when I jump, it’s perfect when I jump. I think it’s also literally turning off every frame or something because if I move a little bit, I can get into a position where the glow is completely off, and sometimes the glow is dimmer than usual, or it’s normal. Also I have an animation where the characters eyes are open and every 4 to 12 seconds, he blinks but the glow surprisingly works perfectly when he blinks, just in case that needed to be mentioned.



I just want to say I have a similar problem and was excited to find this thread! Unfortunately no one replied here yet, did you ever find a solution to the flickering?

My water-shader “jumps” as I move horizontally, sounds like the same phenomenon! I’ll return if I find a solution.