GLSL Implementation Into Unity 3D Examples?

Hey Everyone,

I was wondering if any examples existed anywhere of GLSL shaders implemented into Unity 3D. I am aware of the web page on coding GLSL into Unity 3D, but its very short and example code would really help make things fall into place. I understand the debate between GLSL and Cg in Unity 3D, but regardless I would still like to try and implement some GLSL shaders into Unity 3D.

I am already aware of this page:

Cheers, Nate Nesler

I know this is an old question, but in Unity 3, there is an easy way to look at "examples", as the GLES builds will cross-compile Cg into GLSL. So when you target a platform which uses GLES (iphone or android at this point), you can just pick any shader and click "Open compiled shader" to see the cross-compiled GLSL version of the shader (which you can then use directly if you like).

I made a simple “template” shader that can help you and others wishing to start coding GLSL on Unity 3d. My knowledge on the subject is fairly limited, but I try to share what I know.
Try the following link :
There you can find all the posts I made on GLSL for Unity 3d.