Going from shared space (windowed mode) to full space (exclusive mode)


I read in the Apple documentation that there is the possibility to transition from shared space (windowed mode) to full space (exclusive mode). However, as I understand the current framework, it is not possible to start a Unity app in shared space and transition to full space at runtime, right?

Thanks in advance!

Hi, it does seem to be possible now, with a few limitations, see here:

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Thanks for sharing!

Hi, I’m still wondering about this. Wanted to follow up as I may have missed something in the updates over the last few months. We would really like to use a 2D Window in Shared Space for a menu, which then transitions to a bounded or unbounded volume once a selection is made. Is it yet possible to include a 2D window and polyspatial volumes within the same app, displayed as different scenes?

To be clear, I’m not talking about going from a bounded to unbounded volume as the OP might have suggested. Our need is to have a shared space window which is not a volume.