Going throug imported assets

I imported a building from DAZ Studio to Unity. Works well. But my player runs through the objects.

I read here several posts about such things, so I found I have to check “generate colliders” on my imported objects. But it doesn’t generate any. I don’t see any collider in the wholes asset’s tree.

So I selected one wall mesh and added a mesh collider to it. It does not work, even if I check “convex”.

My player object is the standard RigidBodyFBSController

Any idea what to do?

Sorry I didn’t see your question earlier. Maybe you already fix the problem by yourself.

You did exactly the right thing. You just miss another step to set the mesh for that Mesh Collider.
In this case set “qhut_62277.Shape…” in mesh property on Mesh Collider. It should work now.