Good and recent unet multiplayer tutorial?

I have a simple fps game, that I would like to be a multiplayer game. Does anyone know a great multiplayer tutorial? With unet or something else idk which is the best.
I found a lot of tutorials but they all are from 2013/2015… Since there is a new version of unet it would be great to have a recent tutorial on this :slight_smile: (or any recent tutorial to understand how networking in unity work).
Let me know if you know great recent tutorial :slight_smile:

This quill18creates tutorials should give you a fair understanding of how UNet works in Unity 2018.

Also, you should take a look at the official documentation, although it’s not always as good as it should be :wink:

link text

As you may know, UNet is being deprecated and will be no more supported in early 2020.

You should consider using a different technology. I’m currently working with DarkRift2 for my projects wich is terribly good !

You can find turotials right here

Hope it helps