Good book for C# and programming with Unity 3D?

What’s a good book for someone with no programming experience with coding? I don’t want to spend a hundred dollars on a giant dinosaur of a book, but I want something that can get me started with making a GAME, not a level. I can already world edit and stuff but I heard C# is better than javascript, or at least I prefer c#. What book will get me going and won’t skimp over details? Thanks

That short answer is, I don’t think there is one.

Most game development books are pretty bad. And most assume the reader is either a novice programmer or advanced. I say, get a good background in programming, then pickup a copy of Game Coding Complete to learn most of the game dev/engine concepts.

You can get complete reference books on many technologies that outline every feature. I have an amazing book on C# that goes through every major namespace with code examples and descriptions.

I wish there was something similar for all the major game dev platforms.

Years ago, I bought a book on creating games with Microsoft XNA, actually I bought several. Well, the one I’m talking, a third of the book was dedicated to making a xbox controller messager/controller racing game. And I mean, you put the controllers on a table and see which one can rumble it’s way to the other side first. It was the dumbest thing I had ever seen. Sure, it showed you how to make a simple menu out of sprites, and how to use the controllers, but it didn’t scale. How do I take what I learned in the book and apply it to an actual game? You couldn’t, the concepts didn’t scale well. You come out of the project knowing the line of codes that draw sprites on the screen and how to make the controller rumble.

I would follow these steps to start your first game in Unity:

  1. Create a Menu - To start just create a main menu scene and use OnGUI to populate it.
  2. Create a Gameplay scene.
  3. Look into ways to persist data across scene loads. This could be a static class, singleton pattern, or dontdestroyonload gameobject. Use this to store things like settings…
  4. Put Save data into playerprefs
  5. Start with a project that leverages the built-in transform hierarchy and physics engine. Maybe a 2D platformer.
  6. Live in the Unity Docs. They are your friend.

Hope this helps. Any questions, let me know.

Search here
after that search title in google pdf free book all are normal books!

Here is a book I found that takes you through game development essentials:

What’s really rare about this book is that it shows both scripting in C# and Javascript, It gets pretty frustrating when most of these books focus on Java and not c#. Hope this helps:)