Good Metaverse solution on webgl platform

We are currently developing a metaverse solution using Unity for a live multiplayer game, aiming to support a concurrent user base of 500 or more. Our project entails users roaming a map, interacting with each other using voice chat, and engaging in various activities. To ensure optimal performance and scalability, we’re seeking advice on the following:

Multiplayer Service:

  • What multiplayer service would you recommend for handling 500+ concurrent users in Unity?

Hosting Providers:

  • Which hosting sites or platforms are best suited for hosting a Unity-based metaverse project with a large concurrent user base?
  • Are there any hosting providers known for their reliability, scalability, and performance specifically for live multiplayer games?

We greatly appreciate any insights or recommendations you can provide to help us ensure the success of our metaverse project. Thank you for your assistance!
Our target platform would be WebGL. Thanks!