Good Solution to Physics Based Gameplay

I am currently trying to make a game that plays similarly to Limbo. Basically, when things hit you, I want it to knock you back. However, this doesn’t work with the current movement system. How movement is currently implemented is by directly altering the player’s velocity. Obviously, this doesn’t work you want the player to be effected by physics.

I can think of a few janky solutions to this, but they would almost certainly be inconsistent and result in bugs, such as adding an initial force to a player when given input until it reaches max velocity. Is there any sturdy, clean solution that I can use to solve this? Thanks.

For using physics abilities your object must have rigid bodies, colliders and must be non kinematic. All of your objects movement must be implemented trough using forces and velocity, not trough transform.position cause its mean “teleportation” recreating object in new position every frame so it cant be checked for collision.You can try to avoid using physics but it will be less realistic and not realy mutch easy.