Good Way to Get to Script Mastery?

I'm wondering if there is a good way to self-teach unity scripting. At the moment all I can script is movement and animation.

This question is way too broad to have an answer to it. This type of thing is much better suited for the forums.

If you want to get god at "scripting", first know that it's not scripting at all, it's programming. Learn C# or Javascript, read some of the answers on this site, do a Google search for "unity tutorials" or something like that, and check out the Unify Community Wiki, which has a TON of examples and scripts and things you could look over.

But no, there is no "good" way to teach yourself these things. Everyone learns differently. And learning an entirely new programming language takes time and effort, and doesn't happen overnight.

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And I have to add this great link, by Peter Norvig:

Teach Yourself Programming in 10 Years

try to learn the concepts of programming and 3d engines if you don't know about them. try to learn even low level things to understand high level ones better. learn the language that you want to use completely and read tutorials and source codes to learn the techniques that they are common in game programming. but there is only one important thing. do it! code and code and code much! if you write more code, you'll learn more. every programmer learns everyday from his/her own experiences and others by writing and reading code.

Practice a lot, keep reading the docs, go through the scripts on the wiki, do searches on the Unity forums and read through likely topics, do some tutorials, and practice some more.