Good way to scale 3D GameObjects in a Canvas (Screen Space - Camera)?

Howdy, I’m tryna make some shop items with the actual items spinning in 3d (in a 2d frame), and then all of the items in a scroll rect. It’s all going fine except the canvas isn’t affecting the scale of the models (even if I change their transforms to recttransforms). I have seen similar problems solved by rendering the items with another camera into render textures, then showing the render texture with a rawimage, but I want to have like 10 separate shop items there at once . . . If I could just scale the objects in a reliable way, I’d be set.

Any ideas appreciated, thanks

Render to texture is probably the best way to do this, but if you’re dead set against it, you could add something to the existing code that makes the objects rotate to change the scale at the same time.

Something like this should work:

public GameObject[] windowTargets;

public void RotateAndScale(float rotateSpeed, float sizeScale, Rect windowSize) {

	float s = Mathf.Min (windowSize.x, windowSize.y);

	foreach (int element in windowTargets) {
	windowTargets_.transform.Rotate (0, rotateSpeed * Time.deltaTime, 0);_

windowTargets_.transform.localScale = new Vector3 (sizeScale * s, sizeScale * s, sizeScale * s);_
windowSize needs to be relative, not absolute pixels, or it’s going to be wrong when you change the resolution. Again, render to texture avoids a ton of potential problems with this.