Google ADS Problem on Android Device Debug

Hi ,
when I play my game in Unity Editor , it works well and launches GoogleAds, but , when I try to simulate it on android device in 'development build ’ application loads first scene but in this code everything stops.

MobileAds.Initialize(initStatus => { });  

when I remove this code from my initial class game works well in Android Device …
to solve this problem I did some things…
→ I updated my Google Mobile SDK plugin
→ in player settings I changed mono-> IL2CPP
→ in Assets/googlemobileads/resources/Google Mobileads settings , I selected enable kotlin
optimize ad loading and optimize initialization
non of them works unfortunately.

Is there anyone have any suggestion about this problem ?


Ok, I’ve experienced this a few days ago. Here’s how I solved:

  • Make sure you’ve met the Prerequisites (Cómo comenzar  |  Unity  |  Google for Developers).
  • Make sure you’ve downloaded the latest Google AdMob SDK plugin (Release Google Mobile Ads Unity Plugin v8.7.0 · googleads/googleads-mobile-unity · GitHub) then check ALL (except Google.IOSResolver and Google.IOSResolver.dll) before re-importing the SDK.
  • If there’s a pop-up window to Resolve the dependencies, just do it.
  • Include AdMob external dependencies. Go to Project Settings > Player > Android > Publishing Settings > Build and select:
    • Custom Main Gradle Template
    • Custom Gradle Properties Template
  • Resolve the dependencies (again) at Assets > External Dependency Manager > Android Resolver > Resolve. There’s setting to Auto Resolve, you can set that.
  • To prevent fraud traffic, make sure you’ve used Test App ID & Ad Unit ID.
  • Here’s the IMPORTANT PART!. For unknown reasons, the AdMob SDK causes the game’s Time Scale to be 0. To fix this, set the Time Scale to 1 where your game seems “freezed” with Time.timeScale.
    Time.timeScale = 1;

I have issued a ticket at in [BUG] AdMob causes game’s Time Scale to be 0 · Issue #3155 · googleads/googleads-mobile-unity ( Let’s hope it’s get fixed soon!

At first Thanx for your detailed explanation. But although I made everything that you said unfortunately ,The AD didn’t work on android device , I replaced Time.timescale=1.0f to place where app freezes but it didn’t work …