Google cardboard display size and eye distance


I found out that the distance between the two images on my smartphone is smaller than the distance between the lenses on the cardboard itself. How can I adjust that?

I tried fiddling with the width parameter of this:

  public static readonly Screen Nexus5 = new Screen {
    width = 0.110f,
    height = 0.062f,
    border = 0.003f

and also with the lens separation

  public static readonly Device CardboardV1 = new Device {
    lenses = {
      separation = 0.060f,
	  offset = 0.035f,
      screenDistance = 0.042f,
      alignment = Lenses.AlignBottom,

but nothing changes when I run it on the device.

What am I missing? Thank you very much.


if you download the cardboard app from the playStore you can optimise it from that app, and it will change your games eyes and fix it.
You don’t need to worry about that its already implemented.

(I believe so anyways)

The Screen and Device classes you quoted are only used in the Unity Editor when you play, for simulating different devices.

If you are seeing a discrepancy between the image separation vs the lens separation, you may have one of the phones that reports an incorrect dpi. That throws off the screen size calculation the SDK does, making it think the phone is smaller or larger than it really is (in your case, smaller). I don’t know of a way to fix that right now, as that calculation is buried down in native code.