Google Cardboard displays screen in editor in playmode but only displays background colour when run on an android device.

Okay, so I have the newest personal edition of unity, also updated android sdk and updated java and the latest google cardboard package.

It imported okay and I set the maincardboardvr object up like I usually would (i have made cardboard apps in the past), and I have a skybox and a block infront of the camera along z+ axis so its infront of it by about 5f or more.

Cardboard should already be setup so that I just basically just add the prefab in, change the settings how I like, and build and run and I can see my scene on my galaxy S6. Its worked in the past but my problem with this new version which I downloaded on 9/06/2016, is that It does not display the scene once I’ve built it and run on my phone.

I’ve been playing with the cameras on it and I can’t figure why it works in the editor and I can use alt to move it around and stuff, but it seems to do nothing when built and ran on my phone. Also why I can’t seem to display the skybox and elements in the scene together. Instead all I can get is either a default color background with my object in the foreground or if I switch to skybox then I get just a skybox and nothing else. If I switch the main camera to depth and update, it still doesn’t give me what it should.

Id like to be able to see the skybox and the objects in the scene too, would be good lol.

Is it a problem with the sdk? Or have I forgotten to do something? Can someone please help?

NOPE my bad I worked it out… Somewhere early in the project the metadata was damaged and caused unity to do strange things and for googleVR to have miles of errors and stuff when I imported.

I think it was a metadata problem as I started a new project and reimported the sdk and it worked fine. Then I made assets pack of other project and am now working on something that works properly now.

So my bad, I thought it was sdk but its only me with that problem. I should always check metadata problems somehow when my projects start doing funny stuff.