Google Cardboard not rendering Worldspace UI with distortion

I’m setting up my first Google Cardboard project and for some reason I can’t get a stereoscopic distorted render of my UI. Screen Space Overlay works. Screen Space - Camera and World Space renders the UI in the camera preview window and renders in the Game window if GVR Viewer has VR mode disabled or Distortion correction set to none. As soon as distortion is applied to the image all world space or screen space camera UI disappears.

I’ve checked for layer mismatches, by changing the layer of the UI and the culling masks of the cameras.

The world space UI in the default cardboard scene also won’t render in editor or in a build on a galaxy s6.

I’m using 5.3.5f1


I’ve done some more testing and discovered that the UI is fully functional despite being invisible. I’ve built the test scene and am running it. I can look down and press the buttons on the example ui, switching the Distortion Correction Mode will make the UI appear and disappear. Irs only visible when the distortion mode is none.

The GVRPreRender and GVRPostRender scripts are responsible for the final screen draw according the Google Cardboard documentation, however, reading through them I can’t see where this error is being introduced.

Found this thread.

Seems its a known bug in 5.3.5.

downgrading solved my issue.