Google Cardboard SDK while phone do not have gyro sensor

I have a current problem, the project im developing in unity works well with google cardboard sdk…when i install it it seems like the camera was locked, Someone told me that it needs gyro sensor. Sadly my phone do not have gyro sensor. I really need to creaate the project, is there any other way to allow googlecardboard sdk on my phone. The Phone was sony xperia c4

Unfortunately there is no way of using just the Cardboard SDK without gyroscope on your phone. The Cardboard SDK relies on the gyroscope to provide mapping from your head’s movement to the virtual camera’s movement, and without it the virtual camera will be locked (as you said).

However, there are other (partial) solutions. Using the device’s camera you could extract your device’s position and rotation based on the camera input. There is actually an SDK for Unity and Android called Vuforia, which allows you to “track” physical images with the device’s camera and extract the device’s transform based on that. I said “partial solution” since this will restrict your head movement to keep the image target within the camera’s view at all times. In addition, Vuforia’s performance is not that great, but at least it allows for rotation and position tracking on device’s without gyroscope.

I hope this helps!

Sources: I am currently working in a project that uses Vuforia + Cardboard SDK