Google Cardboard VR + GazeInputModule - Get trigger events when not over UI

Hi everyone!

I’m developing a toy object visualizer with Google VR (specifically Cardboard). I’m using the default GazeInputModule to allow the player to interact with the app UI. When the reticle is not over a UI element, and the trigger is held pressed, I’d like it to cause the camera to rotate around the center of the object that’s being looked at when the user moves his head (instead of rotating around its own center).

I think I’ll manage the camera movement; my problem is I don’t know how to get Trigger drag events outside the UI. How would one go about doing that?

I’m new to Unity so this may be a stupid question, sorry :slight_smile:
(I probably don’t need detailed code, I mostly have no idea where to start).

You can add Event Trigger to that object.